An open letter to Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,   Your poems were filled with despair Yet your words never ceased to inspire I loved your poetry Probably, I was your biggest fan You made me love my teacher even more On you, the young romantic in me always swore   But then one day things changed A beautiful picture got rearranged Your identity was no longer a secret You were no longer my favourite   I felt betrayed I felt estranged        You weren’t a person Definitely not one May be hundreds May be thousands You weren’t really a master of emotions You were simply one … Continue reading An open letter to Anonymous

Kurukshetra Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 then The glimmer of the club had blinded him. Although Ved wasn’t really a party animal, but who could say no to some attention. And for a successful author, there can never be an end to the following. After posing for random women’s profile pictures and lecturing about writing skills Ved finally managed to squeeze out of the mob and hit the bar. The challenge wasn’t over yet. Even this popular, prolific and proficient writer found it hard to get the bartender’s attention. Yelling, banging the table, he tried it all. No success there. … Continue reading Kurukshetra Part 2

The EX and WHY axis!

Life is a compendium of moments. Moments can sometimes act as tutors, jokers or jailors. However, this collection also features moments which can embarrass you. Moments that should go where old roses and broken bicycles go. Moments that should never resurface. Moments that reminds you of your gaffes. Meeting your ex girlfriend can be one such moment. A few months back I was at a friend’s wedding. Amongst the grandeur, glamour and glitter, I noticed a familiar face. For a few seconds I couldn’t recall where I had seen her before, so like any bemused student answering an exam I … Continue reading The EX and WHY axis!

Ek pittu si love story

Sangeet ke saath suron se pehle aur church ke saath ghatak apraadho se pehle, saath ank ki ehmiyat humaari zindagi mein kuch aur thi. Saath Goti, jise kahin pittu to kahin lagori kehte hai. Ek aisa khel jo pyaar se khelo to dilon ko jodta hai. Aur kaminepan se khelo to baaki sab todta hai. Niyam bahut hi saral hai. Saath pattharo ko ek ke upar ek rakhte hai. Phhir do teams mein sab ko baant diya jaata hai. Ek team ka kaam hai gotiyon ki imaarat ko todna, aur phhir wapas se jodna. Doosri team ka kaam hai aisa karne se unhe rokna. Bablu … Continue reading Ek pittu si love story

Krrish 3 – The Revenge of a Director

As audience we often cross our limits. Invariably we go out of our way to criticise movies with big names and shallow plots. Hardly do we consider the effort, the time and the money that goes into making a movie. All we care about is that we should get our money’s worth. So Mr. Rakesh Roshan, a veteran director takes it upon him to get revenge from 100 million Indians. Hell hath no fury for a director scorned. So was he able to get his revenge. Ask yourself. Ask the 300 bucks you spent. Ask the two and half hours … Continue reading Krrish 3 – The Revenge of a Director


As kids we always faced that one question which was asked by relatives, neighbours, dad’s friends, mom’s friends, teachers, even fellow kids. “What do you want to become when you grow up”. None of my classmates said they wanted to become an engineer. Today 80% of my classmates are engineers. So what went wrong? What changed? Why did people stop believing in their dreams? As we grew up, why did we start compromising on everything we wanted as a child? Is that what people call maturity? How different is maturity from pretence? Since childhood we have been trained to lie, … Continue reading Detour