Death of a Family!

I stared at my little brother as he sat in one corner of his room crying, as if our parents had died. But our parents were in the next room. That’s why he stuffed the curtain in his mouth so that his sobs don’t reach the next room. Daddy would have hit him harder. Already his face was covered with bruises. A punishment for failing in the exam. That was the crime my little brother had committed. Being the elder sister I wanted to go hug him. Tell him that it’s okay. Exams don’t define life. Exams don’t set standards. … Continue reading Death of a Family!

Post mortem, post break-up.

  School and Bollywood are the foundation pillars of our education. School teaches us to follow career paths that parents can boast about and Bollywood teaches us to handle relationships that only your girlfriend’s friends will appreciate. Career and Relationship has a format. And thou shall be judged if thou fail to fit in that format. Format for career: If you don’t enrol yourself in an engineering college after standard 12 it means you are aimless and regardless of what you do you shall get the tag of Naalayakh or a person who is simply wasting dad’s money. Format for relationship After a break up … Continue reading Post mortem, post break-up.


Fire had burnt his entire house. Havoc spread all around. The most magnificent house of the city was burning down to ashes. With it burned the expensive interiors, the colourful drapes, the historic paintings, the glamorous chandelier but most importantly, the library. The most prized possession of a writer. Ved wasn’t even in his house when this happened. And by the time he reached, it was too late. His dreams had been cremated. Who could have done that? Everyone loved him, everyone worshipped his work. He was the most prolific writer the world had ever witnessed. Such was his masterpiece … Continue reading Kurukshetra

Dear lovers, don’t drop the pretence.

Love is what you assumed Leonardo felt for Kate in Titanic. Love is what burnt Troy. A fulfilled love story inspires marriages that are filled with ‘awwww’ moments, but an incomplete one inspires generations to love. As strange as it may sound but the couples by whom most lovers swear by – Romeo & Juliet, Heer & Ranjha, Laila and Majnu, didn’t really end up marrying. So most lovers know how to love, but they don’t know the next step. And then comes Valentine’s Day. A day when every lover gets the license to upgrade their relationship. Teenage lovers propose … Continue reading Dear lovers, don’t drop the pretence.

The Breadwinner’s Throne

It takes time for a man to build a foundation for himself. Especially, if the man isn’t born with a silver spoon, purkho ki jaydad, or a gigantic haveli. He battles against odds, overcomes each hurdle and inch by inch nears his destination. Every impediment makes him stronger, every failure makes him wiser and every betrayal makes him a believer. He becomes what life teaches him. Then a day comes when he gets married, starts a family and starts teaching what he has learnt. By the age of 60 he commands every move; he makes every decision and protects the … Continue reading The Breadwinner’s Throne

RIP Ex College Heroes

What is it about college that we love the most? Education? Women? Strangers? Or is it the sense of power that suddenly gets bestowed on us. The power to handle situations. The power to stay unshackled. The power to write our destiny. This post is not about preaching the philosophies of life, nor is it about a moment of reminiscence after gulping a few shots. This is about mourning the death of my hero. The hero within me. Who was brutally murdered by maturity, responsibility and EMI. The ‘bring it on’ attitude during college days inspired me to win, to … Continue reading RIP Ex College Heroes

Johhnie Walked!!!

With curiosity in his mind and an enthused spirit he went on unravelling the veils of future. Little did he know back then, his path will inspire generations. He trotted far away into the profundity of time, into an intoxicating space away from Jeny. Of course, the woman who walked away. He knew he was walking towards purity, towards sanity, towards heaven. A man with a broken heart is destined to go towards heaven. Hell is something he has already been through. He never thought he could walk so far………..far away from her. But when anger and envy triggers your … Continue reading Johhnie Walked!!!