She was definitely not prepared for the idiosyncrasies of a rural place. Down south where she came from, she wasn’t used to rules imposed by rituals. She was a free bird who never thought twice before voicing an opinion. Unfortunately where she was, it was huge crime for women to voice their opinion and follow their heart. In that area women were categorised in two parts – Angels and Demons. Those who abided by the patriarchal laws were angels those who revolted were demons. Being a wildlife photographer, she decided to explore the forest “Aranya” (literally means forest). She was told … Continue reading Surpanakha

Pappu ko mili pappi

Aaj katha divas ke paavan avsar par humne socha ek vyatha bhari katha sunaye. Naam se to pata chal hi gaya hoga ki is paatth ke mukhya kirdaar ka naam Pappu hai. Pappu Chaubey Paandunagar ke sabse raes MLA ke driver ka beta tha. Naam chota tha par chakke lambe maarta tha. Maahi Bhaiyya bulaaye jaane waale iss nagine ko out karne ka nuskha kisi bowler ke paas nahin tha. Chheh saal ki umar mein Tendulkar ke saare records tod chuka tha. Par akela tha bechaara. Itne bade star hone ke bawjood, kisi bhi ladki ka usko dekh nahin banta … Continue reading Pappu ko mili pappi

What the luck!!!

She called off our engagement. She simply hung up, denying me a chance to apologise. Seven years of friendship, five years of love, ended with a mere phone call. What a parallel cinema way to end a candy floss love story! Year 2012 could have been the best year of my life. It was going perfect. I had met her parents in February. They loved me. My family loved her. All that was left, was to finalise a date, which could only be decided by their most trusted astrologer. A sixty year old scum bag whose wife and son had … Continue reading What the luck!!!


Her closed eyes revealed my deceit. Her sealed lips gave testimony to my crime. Her still body made my heart pound faster, as she lay naked, beside me in a motel room. This wasn’t an act of love, nor of lust. It was vengeance, served on the rocks. The clock struck 12:05 AM. 2013 had begun. Humans survived the scare of 2012, but humanity had ended six months ago when she dumped my best friend. I was on my way home when I got a call from the hospital. The voice on the other end said Rohan had tried to … Continue reading Resurrection

New Year Resolution

By the time Aarav reached Ronnie’s house he had smoked three cigarettes. The task of choosing the right gift for Shreya was as cumbersome as reaching Bandra from Mahim. As he entered the elevator, he chanced upon a huge mirror. He ruffled his hair with his fingers and had a good look at himself. In spite of his alluring personality, Shreya never went out with him. But tonight that was about to change. Ronnie was the son of a well known Bollywood producer. Money, Page 3 parties, women, cars, and arrogance were part of his legacy. Not many can boast … Continue reading New Year Resolution

Ishaq da Dhaaba – Day 1

Note – Had written a play long back. This is the edited version of it.  Zindagi jhand hai phir bhi ghamand hai, charo aur ladkiya hai phir bhi haatho mein …….. Sheher mein rehta to ghamand ko kayi baar thes pahunchta. Yehi soch kar mai wapas apne gaon Chamiyatown chala aaya. Socha koi dhanda shuru kar lunga. Sheher ne do cheezey sikhayi thi –  ghodo par betting aur doosro ki setting. Betting ke paise abb setting se doogna karne ke vichar se mai gaon mein ek pyaar ka consultant ban gaya. Abb gaon mein TVC, radio spot, print ad, poster, dangler, … Continue reading Ishaq da Dhaaba – Day 1

The Dark Enlightenment

Chapter 1 – The Scared Princess She cursed her fate each time the traffic lights turned green. She prayed hard. One wish – Prolong this journey. For once, she desired to bypass her destination. But to her misfortune, her taxi raced by every other counterpart and in a flash she reached the dreadful hotel. “Purity is a myth. Even the Gods didn’t posses it.  And when someone like the Hindu Goddess Sita possessed purity, she was put to a test. Because no one believed that she could be pure. Not even the Lord, Shri Ram. So it must have been we humans, who … Continue reading The Dark Enlightenment