An open letter to Anonymous


Dear Anonymous,


Your poems were filled with despair

Yet your words never ceased to inspire

I loved your poetry

Probably, I was your biggest fan

You made me love my teacher even more

On you, the young romantic in me always swore


But then one day things changed

A beautiful picture got rearranged

Your identity was no longer a secret

You were no longer my favourite


I felt betrayed

I felt estranged       

You weren’t a person

Definitely not one

May be hundreds

May be thousands

You weren’t really a master of emotions

You were simply one in an ocean


Why would someone hide their name?

Why would a master of words deny fame?

What were you hiding from?

Were you a prisoner of shame?


Years passed

My questions remained unanswered

My vision had become brighter

The fan had become a writer


My work was adored

And at times it was abhorred

But each time I tasted glory

Echoed in my ears, your untold story


They empathised with my pain

They saw my tears in the rain

But none of that was true Dear Anonymous

They were simply figments of my brain



They despised my family for abandoning me

They cursed my lover for deserting me

Why couldn’t they understand Dear Anonymous?

My work was simply fiction

And there was no truth in the depiction


People often try to relate

With everything they read

They look for answers or for closure

A poem is a picture half painted

The other half is painted by the one who reads

Sometimes to complete it

Sometimes to contradict it


Now I know why you remained anonymous

You too paid the cost for becoming famous

Fiction is a category only for the one who writes

And fictional should be the name who writes



Sincerely yours,



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