The Dark Enlightenment

Chapter 1 – The Scared Princess

She cursed her fate each time the traffic lights turned green. She prayed hard. One wish – Prolong this journey. For once, she desired to bypass her destination. But to her misfortune, her taxi raced by every other counterpart and in a flash she reached the dreadful hotel.

“Purity is a myth. Even the Gods didn’t posses it.  And when someone like the Hindu Goddess Sita possessed purity, she was put to a test. Because no one believed that she could be pure. Not even the Lord, Shri Ram. So it must have been we humans, who created this myth to vindicate our selfish beliefs”, Nikki said to herself trying to overcome her inner conflict.

As she stepped into the hotel, her eyes met several eyes. Some had suspicion, some had curiosity, some encouraged, some impeded and some misguided. Her eyes finally chanced upon the elevator. Her hands were shivering as her index finger pressed the button ‘9’. The inside of the elevator was covered with mirrors. She looked into it, but couldn’t stare at her image for long. Shame and profanity made her hate her own reflection.

She reached the 9th floor even before she could start praying. The elevator doors opened and she stepped into the aisle.

A grey carpet, a grey aisle, grey walls with grey frames with grey pictures all guided her to a grey door. Room number 903. She opened her clutch and took out the keys. Her hands shivered as she tried to unlock the door. CLICK.!!! The door opened.

Chapter 2 – The Stealthy Weapon  

The room had candles lit all around. As she entered, the fragrance of Jasmine allured her nostrils. She loved Jasmine. And yet she was stopping herself from succumbing to its lurid odour. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be out in five minutes”, a male voice screamed from the bathroom. After many years her horrifying past had resurfaced. A past she had concealed, even from her husband.

Three years back, on a rainy night she made sweet love to a complete stranger. It was the last day of her MBA. She was stoned and elevated to an echelon where making love seemed to be the epitome of purity. Little did she know back then, that her felony was being taped.

But today she had to make love, once more to that guy, just to undo her past. She feared that the horror might not end today and would resurface invariably. Which is why, she carried a knife. She quietly hid it beneath the pillow. And then she waited for him to come out of the bathroom. And while she was waiting, she got undressed and wore a robe kept on the couch.

Her heart skipped a beat. The bathroom door opened.

Chapter 3 – The Evil Princess

He just had a towel wrapped around his waist. The misty images got cleared and she recognised the man. It was him. He had the perfect torso. The glow of his skin could have brightened the eyes of the Greek Gods. His eyes could have mesmerised Medusa. And even in that horrifying moment, a hint of pleasure encapsulated her timorous heart.

He took off his towel, and for the first time she felt that a part of her had always compromised. In the realm of ethics, romance and rules, a part of her always remained dormant. A part too bold, yet overpowered by inhibitions.

As a little girl she dreamt of a knight in a shining armour. A knight who will bestow on her, the worldly pleasures. Who will protect her from all the evils. But what about the evil within her. What about the evil who does not dream. What about the evil, who needed more than something permanent. Something temporary. ‘Permanent’ will always be an unfulfilled promise, but ‘temporary’ can give you instant gratification.

He climbed the bed, and slowly he undressed her. His touch made her forget her fears, his kiss gave her a high, vodka and marijuana failed to grant.

And then, she experienced the most painful pleasure. A felony so heavenly, that it made her accept the sinner within. She was ready to evade heaven in exchange of this heavenly act. She had never experienced a pain so deep. Her sigh never screamed so loud. Her body never felt as satisfied. The princess in her never felt like a queen. This was the moment, where, her desires met reality. She wanted to prolong this. She could forfeit everything she possessed, she could forgo every other dream, and she could sacrifice her future, just to live this moment, all her life.

And like every other dream, this too got over. She came back to a reality, where right and wrong were not decided by the Gods. But by us, mortals.

His eyes spoke volumes about contentment. He opened a drawer and handed over the tapes. She took the tapes willingly. Not because she wanted to undo the past, but to relive it.

As she was about to exit the room, the guy stopped her and asked “How can you be too sure that I don’t have another copy of it? How do you know I won’t blackmail you again?” She stops by the door, looks him in the eye and says “I don’t. But let me tell you what I know. There is a knife beneath your pillow. I had got it here to kill you.” She smiles at him and exits the room.

She walks up to the elevator and presses the button ‘G’. She looked at herself in the mirrors inside the elevator. This time she stares at the reflection, like she’s staring at a stranger. She smiles and then exits the elevator.

(This thought arose after I read a story written by a dear friend Sayan Acharya. The photographs used, have been clicked by Abhishek Bhowal. Special thanks to Charulika Dhawan for inspiring me to complete this story.)


37 thoughts on “The Dark Enlightenment

  1. the dark lord has risen 🙂
    i love ur stories, for they show forth the darkness thats othervise invisible.

  2. well ur story did totally reveal the shaitaan! And as u said it is very much present in all of us, which for some reason some of us are not too comfortable to reveal.
    Anways as usual loved it!

  3. Fear, denial and ‘discovering’ all,all beautifully surface here. The dark is not always horrid but a reflection of something within, something which is powerful n ‘wholesome’, something which the society is too too scared of and something where Nikki re-finds herself.

    The well-defined good or bad is not the only reality around us and you brought it out in the most amazing way. Thnx Joy, coz I love it when the ‘productive’ yet so-called ‘evil’ finds its way out n claims a territory of its own. Brilliant !!

  4. DUDE, U NAILED IT….it was gripping to the end…intriguing and very well written, the flow was real smooth…lines like
    *She looked into it, but couldn’t stare at her image for long.*
    *The princess in her never felt like a queen.*
    are just simply captivating…

    Chaliye !!!

  5. nice. but i expected something more out of it. matlab the whole story lies in one last line. thoda aur mangta. tho i liked ur blog design 🙂

  6. Well……it is not able to appreciate a piece like this by simple saying ‘i like it’. Sure, it is likable and daring but at the same time it raises some crucial issues the one being about the inseparable and quintessential ‘sex thing’ which haunts our psyche….(its true….please don’t flinch) and the various moulds of identity (superficial and ostentatious) offered to us by our surroundings.
    Yes, desire can never lie in the social………joy and happiness have different definitions….plus the mythological example quoted here tries to create a sort of balance i would say…..the knife, too, is symbolical…..
    I am waiting for the next part……its not over …….there ought to be more to it….

  7. Rise of the Black Swan!! Awesome story buddy!! I am not very fond of the stories but dude it is really awesome!! I love it!!

  8. An amazingly disturbing piece. The repartee at the end was like a punch all right. The dark side ia within the best of us, It cannot be denied but neither can it be indulged without some degree of peril.

  9. nice. the narrative holds you tight. well written. the theme of the black swan perfect. realization of the real self is a painful process n u captured it wel.
    however, thr is a powerful male fantasy that seems to fuel your writing. the perfct male body, the satisfied woman willing to cum bck. hell she can find others too. . .bt its him. . .
    awesum pics used. . .

  10. Thank you everyone.

    Divya – It’s over or not, I’ll leave it to the reader. Every human mind perceives things differently. And One beginning can have various endings.

    Deepti – Tried writing this piece like a woman. 🙂

  11. Very very nice.. Everything has been described beautifuly. Seems like i’m watching a movie. Her fear, her emotions everything has been explained nicely. Lovely post.

  12. I liked the play with words, it conveyed the exact emotion. Very few people have the talent of selecting the right words to express a scenario and you’re blessed!
    That indeed is a quality of a great writer. Also, please convey my compliments to the girl.
    God bless!

    P.S. I hope there’s a sequel to it.

  13. ‘evil’ is nt always ‘evil’..’dark’ is nt always ‘dark’..
    amazingly written..i enjoyed it reading!

  14. it was a great read.. nicely written the chain of circumstances were good and of course the twist were good.
    Keep it on Joy

  15. 🙂 A short story with captivating feeling. Nevertheless I felt the ending was little awe or it was kept for readers to give their own touch? Loved the photographs they helped to imagine the characters. Keep writing 🙂

  16. i like the twist…and the lucid writing

    and a thumbs up for the pics used…just enhances the story further 🙂

  17. I like the rise from ‘permanent’ to ‘temporary’. Passes on the message.
    But was expecting ( me being me) her to slit him (me being tarantino) when he asked her that how did she know he wouldn’t blackmail her again. She should have slit him and said … I know… and should have walked off… (alt end)… LOL
    well written. I like the minute details. very screenplayish.

  18. Hey! The ending was superb. The photographs used were super apt and brilliant. The story , writing wise is terrific, it’s just that I had much higher expectations. Nevertheless, the theme is nice and the way you handled the story was even more nice and the bold lines were the highlights of the story. 🙂

    PS: I highly enjoyed that love making scene! 😛

  19. The story was simply amazing. It actually grows on you as u proceed & what a perfect ending, couldn’t have been better. The pictures used, style of the narration, metaphors used, everything was so awesome.. 🙂

  20. the narrative is taut, the story is engaging.
    but what it leaves the reader with is even better.
    like that last sip of Old Monk leaves you wondering what is good and what is bad, and why saints sin and sinners love like mad… aah the sheer duality of our existence

  21. A very good read……so true to the core. Guess everyone has some past wch however horrific it may be still brings some kind of pleasure to us…. 🙂

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