Death of a Family!

I stared at my little brother as he sat in one corner of his room crying, as if our parents had died. But our parents were in the next room. That’s why he stuffed the curtain in his mouth so that his sobs don’t reach the next room. Daddy would have hit him harder. Already his face was covered with bruises. A punishment for failing in the exam. That was the crime my little brother had committed. Being the elder sister I wanted to go hug him. Tell him that it’s okay. Exams don’t define life. Exams don’t set standards. … Continue reading Death of a Family!

Post mortem, post break-up.

  School and Bollywood are the foundation pillars of our education. School teaches us to follow career paths that parents can boast about and Bollywood teaches us to handle relationships that only your girlfriend’s friends will appreciate. Career and Relationship has a format. And thou shall be judged if thou fail to fit in that format. Format for career: If you don’t enrol yourself in an engineering college after standard 12 it means you are aimless and regardless of what you do you shall get the tag of Naalayakh or a person who is simply wasting dad’s money. Format for relationship After a break up … Continue reading Post mortem, post break-up.


She was definitely not prepared for the idiosyncrasies of a rural place. Down south where she came from, she wasn’t used to rules imposed by rituals. She was a free bird who never thought twice before voicing an opinion. Unfortunately where she was, it was huge crime for women to voice their opinion and follow their heart. In that area women were categorised in two parts – Angels and Demons. Those who abided by the patriarchal laws were angels those who revolted were demons. Being a wildlife photographer, she decided to explore the forest “Aranya” (literally means forest). She was told … Continue reading Surpanakha

An open letter to Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,   Your poems were filled with despair Yet your words never ceased to inspire I loved your poetry Probably, I was your biggest fan You made me love my teacher even more On you, the young romantic in me always swore   But then one day things changed A beautiful picture got rearranged Your identity was no longer a secret You were no longer my favourite   I felt betrayed I felt estranged        You weren’t a person Definitely not one May be hundreds May be thousands You weren’t really a master of emotions You were simply one … Continue reading An open letter to Anonymous

Kurukshetra Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 then The glimmer of the club had blinded him. Although Ved wasn’t really a party animal, but who could say no to some attention. And for a successful author, there can never be an end to the following. After posing for random women’s profile pictures and lecturing about writing skills Ved finally managed to squeeze out of the mob and hit the bar. The challenge wasn’t over yet. Even this popular, prolific and proficient writer found it hard to get the bartender’s attention. Yelling, banging the table, he tried it all. No success there. … Continue reading Kurukshetra Part 2

The EX and WHY axis!

Life is a compendium of moments. Moments can sometimes act as tutors, jokers or jailors. However, this collection also features moments which can embarrass you. Moments that should go where old roses and broken bicycles go. Moments that should never resurface. Moments that reminds you of your gaffes. Meeting your ex girlfriend can be one such moment. A few months back I was at a friend’s wedding. Amongst the grandeur, glamour and glitter, I noticed a familiar face. For a few seconds I couldn’t recall where I had seen her before, so like any bemused student answering an exam I … Continue reading The EX and WHY axis!